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1)  Toilet Paper - Always take a roll of toilet paper wherever you go in Egypt. 'Pharoahs Curse' can hit at any time, without warning, and Toilet Paper can be hard to find in some places!

2)  Taking Photos - be a little careful where you take photos in Egypt. We had a run in with the Military while in Cairo, as a friend I was walking around with took out his camera to take a photo of something, and next thing we were surrounded by military guys who had a problem with us using a camera! We didn't realise, but we were standing next to some sort of Military or Police compound, which was quite heavily guarded, and obviously they didn't want any photos taken there.

3)  Water - drink LOTS of water at all times. The heat in Egypt, especially in places like Valley of the Kings can be oppressive. The tombs and temples can also be EXTREMELY hot, and you need to make sure you drink water continually to avoid dehydration.

4)  Cairo - Driving in Cairo is an 'experience'. I found the best way to remain calm while in a cab in Cairo is to just close your eyes. Chaotic is the best way to describe it. Also trying to cross the road in Cairo takes large doses of courage! Cross walks, traffic lights etc all mean nothing, you just have to go for it, and hope you come out the other side alive!

5)  Cairo Tower - if you get the chance, take a trip up the Cairo Tower, it gives you a great perspective of Cairo!

6)  Abu Simbel - personally, I would recommend doing the optional contiki excursion to Abu Simbel. I found this one of the most amazing sights in Egypt, both on a historical value, and also for the modern accomplishment of relocating the whole mountain. Defintely worth the extra money.

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