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I had a great time travelling through Egypt with Contiki. It had been a dream of mine to see Egypt for some time, so I really enjoyed my time there.

If you are intending to go to Egypt, I would strongly recommend you do an organised tour, such as Contiki. By doing the organised tour, our tour manager was able to hide any of the hassles that occured from us, and was also able to warn us about the things to be aware of at different places.

Contiki had a really good tour guide, an Egyptian called "Armadeus", and he was extremely knowledgeable about archeology and Egyptian History.

He was able to explain the temples, and read the hyroglyphics etc, and he made the trip that much more enjoyable.

Most of the places we stayed are quite nice, and the three days cruise up the Nile River was absolutely AWESOME. The scenery was breathtaking in places, and the boat was very nice. It was so relaxing to sit back in the pool in the heat and watch the Nile slip by!

I was not worried about my safety while in Egypt. There is a large military presence throughout the country and at all the tourist attractions there is armed guards who search bags and also metal detectors.

You may have heard of 'Pharoahs Curse', which is a stomach upset a lot of westerners get in Egypt. I was affected by this for a few hours, but don't let this put you off travelling to is all part of the 'experience'!

Hope this has given you a little taste of Egypt.

Feel free to email me with any queries you have.

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